Our Shared Beliefs

I.  Truth and the Scientific Method:
We believe in One Truth, God's Truth.

And we believe that the scientific method is
humanity's best, currently available way of
successively approximating God's Truth.

II.  Jesus Christ:
We also believe in Jesus Christ, because we have either experienced the Father’s call, or we have received His gifts of faith and spirit, or we have experienced Christ’s amazing grace, or we have experienced the blessings of His teachings, or we have experienced several or all of these things in our lives.

And we wish to share Christ's teachings, because we believe they represent the will of the Father and that they will lead us all to The Kingdom of Heaven.
III.  The Holy Bible:
As a consequence of our belief in Christ, we also believe that
the Holy Bible is worthy of study and that it contains great spiritual truths.

And we believe that The Greatest Commandment, The Royal Law, and The Sermon on the Mount provide Christ's foundational teachings.

IV.  Biblical Errancy:
However, we also believe that the Holy Bible is of human origin, consisting of a carefully preserved, yet culturally biased collection of the historical records of the ancient Israelites, of Christ's earthly ministry, and of the acts and letters of the early church.

As a result, we believe that Biblical inerrancy is a false doctrine that we find, in fact, contrary to Christ's teachings, and we believe that this false doctrine is the primary cause of the unfortunate rift that exists between the beliefs of some of our fellow Christians and the discoveries of modern science.

V.  Non-Judgement and Religious Freedom:
Finally, we believe that many of the mysteries of Christ and the Bible have never been fully understood, and that neither faith nor belief can ever be established by creeds.

And so we fully believe in the non-judgment of the religious beliefs of others, and in the open sharing of our beliefs, and in the universal self evident rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion for all humankind.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Malina

Metadynamics Ministry

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